02 December 2013

Greek Stars Michalis Tzouganakis & Glyeria - Back Stage Pass

ok. ok, you know about Mercury's Greek heritage, the food, the culture and the family history cannot be denied. So when one of his heroes,  Mr Michalis Tzouganakis  and  Glyeria is playing at Melbourne Pavillion   Mercury is not one step behind.   Michalllei Tzouganakis , a Cretan, is a world renowned Greek musician and the inspiration behind Mercury’s  musical endevour to actually pick up the Bouzouki and learn music himself (stick to photographing Mercury!)  This man is like a 'god' in Mercury’s world, so needless to say he was a bit chuffed to be photographing and spending a bit of 'down time' with one of his musical heroes.
The ‘concert’; brilliant. The ‘behind the scenes’; a doorway into the world of a great musician, man and someone Mercury now calls 'friend'
 Thank you also to  George Trifunovic ( worlds cheapest assistant ever )  my editor for mixing it up an a  big fat XX to Dimitra (PA to Michalis) 

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