Mercury Megaloudis, bouzouki player and photographer. NOT in that order, (ahhh the sweet sound of that bouzouki, don't give up that photo gig just yet...ha) but heres a little bit of background about Mercury:

Mercury Megaloudis, with his Greek heritage and his absolutely contagious enthusiasm for life, has a reputation as one of  Australia's most passionate photographers and is well known for his work.
In 2012 the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers awarded Mercury his Grand Masters, a very prestigious title, considering their are only a handful of people who have that honour. But this is just another accolade with which Mercury has many (see list below if you have a cup of tea..or some Ouzo.. and some time to spare!) it also includes being named the AIPP Photographer of the year in 2008.
The great respect Mercury has earned  not only with his peers, but with his many clients is testimony to the passion and drive he has for his art. From weddings to portraits to commercial work, Mercury is without a doubt a 'perfectionist' at telling a story. Mercury's talent at finding beauty in everything he sees, is what makes him tick.

Mercury's reputation as 'that dog photographer' SEE HERE came about after he decided to enter a folio of dogs in the portrait category at the AIPP awards, a category that previously only saw 'human' folios, it was Mercury's 'think outside the box' approach that blew the judges away, his dog portraits beaming as much personality as any man or woman. This approach keeps Mercury's passion alive, just like his more recent award winning  'Steampunk' work, always evolving, always looking to do something fresh.

Mercury judges, lectures and presents at conferences both nationally and internationally. SEE LINKS TO VARIOUS PROJECTS HERE He mentors other photographers and he is heavily involved in charities like Melbourne's 'Kids under Cover' project. All whilst being one of Melbourne's most sought after wedding and portrait photographers. 

Walk down the street any given day with Mercury and chances are you will make new friends. He will stop to talk to a dog at least once, maybe twice, the shop owners know his name and if they are strangers Mercury has some way of making them comfortable enough that 'they have known each other for life'.. and that, is Mercury.

For more of Mercurys images head to his website at www.mega.com.au

Mercury Megaloudis of Megagraphic Photography

Award winning wedding and portrait photographer