04 March 2013

Lydia & Ben

Here is a little story I am really excited to share. First thing it’s a story of  a young girl by the name of Lydia who I was lucky enough to meet when she was just starting out, just a young girl looking for a career. We took on that young girl and needless to say she is of course now part of the  Megagraphics family as head honcho Graphic Designer, and the one who keeps me from going quietly insane here in the office. So, of course when Lydia announced her engagement to Ben, and gave me the honour of asking me to be her wedding photographer it was off to work we go, and no bars hold.

Meanwhile back in the lab...  I have had a little fire burning inside me for some time. Yes, I’ve been photographing weddings and families and businesses for quite a while, and I‘ve seen many changes in the industry, like Hello Mr Darkroom, meet Mr Digital.. things keep evolving. Video of course has been around for a long time, you know the type. Grab your JVC recorder and make a home movie, hey pretty cool or what? Hang on a minute, things are changing again. Yes we can all make a home movie, but now thanks to the amazing equipment and camera bodies we have we can make cinematography. Take the art of photography and make moving pictures with it, or just like with Lydia and Ben, capture a small snippet of a moment in time.

So to cut a long story short , I have been a busy bee learning this new craft, making something that is beautiful, not just a home movie. I am so excited at the possibilities the moving picture can bring.
So without further ado.. drumroll. Here is my first Showreel for your entertainment. Lydia and Ben, an Engagement Story.
Please I would ask you to comment and give some feedback, share with your friends.

Thank you Lydia and Ben, enjoy your engagement.

Save a date Lydia & Ben 18th May 2013 from Mercury Megaloudis on Vimeo.

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